Dynastar E 4x4 5 - 2022

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The new Dynastar E 4X4 5 skips the metal and instead utilizes a Hybrid Core for a lighter, easier to handle platform that will help you ski the way you want all day long. If you're an advancing skier that want's to continue progressing their technical skiing while exploring new terrain, this one is a standout.

The Hybrid Core combines the power and agility benefits of wood with the lightness and dampening characteristics of Polyurethane. The Full Sidewall Construction gives the skis added strength and increased edge hold for the firmer days. When the snow does start to stack up, this ski easily finds it's way in any softer snow. If you love a nimble, snappy feel wherever you are on the mountain, you need look no further.


SIDECUT: 130/82/110 MM