Hyperlite Wakesurfer GROMCAST - 3'9"

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Get your children wakesurfing with the kids specific Hyperlite Gromcast wakesurf board. Spawned from the continual top seller Broadcast board, the Gromcast is shrunken down and designed to be a fun, easy to surf shape that kids will be excited about.

When looking to make a kids specific wakesurf board, the team of shapers at Hyperlite looked to their super popular Broadcast board for inspiration. The team designed the Gromcast to look and ride like its adult counterpart but shrunken down to a 3' 9" size to make it easier for kids to ride. Parents and children alike love this board due to its stability, forgiveness, and its ability to get first timers wakesurfing.

Fun was at the forefront when shaping the Hyperlite Gromcast. Its squash tail design gives it lots of "push" to get the groms in the wave and stay there so they can toss the rope. A wide profile creates lots of stability on the water and easy, forgiving turns. A thinner profile and gentle rail design makes it easier for children to flip the board up on their feet for deep water starts. Its design makes it great for your shredder's first time wakesurfing but will allow them to carve, turn, and spin as their riding skills elevate..

Don't have your kids ride a big boy board. Spoiling them with a kids specific wakesurf board will make learning to wakesurf a much easier and more enjoyable experience. The next generation of groms are all learning to wakesurf on Hyperlite's Gromcast wakesurf board.

Hyperlite Gromcast Features

  • Kids Specific Squash Tail Design
  • Dual Concave Base
  • Rolled Edge Profile
  • Machined EVA Traction Pad
  • Monocoque Construction
  • Layered Glass