K2 Raygun Snowboard with Sonic binding 2017

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The K2 Raygun is a bit of a celebrity in the field of all mountain boards, with three TransWorld Good Wood Awards under its belt. It can jib, jump, stomp and slash, so in other words it is one of the most versatile decks on the market. And better yet it wont break the bank! Beginners and advanced riders unite!

Board Type: All Mountain Everywhere

Camber Type: All-Terrain Rocker (We call it Directional Reverse Camber)

Flat through the centre with reverse camber in the nose and tail. The longer reverse section through the nose make the board directional, meaning it is designed to be ridden forwards. This particular design initiates effortless turns on hard pack snow and ice, while still maintaining float through crud and softer snow.

Flex: 5/10 (1=soft, 10=stiff)

Great Medium flex for a combination of all-mountain, freestyle, and park riding.

Shape: Directional

Predominantly designed to be ridden forwards, yet can also be ridden switch with ease.


W1: Why fix something if it is not broken. A single species of pure wood, with proven flex, durability, and snap.
Hybritech: Sidewalls along the boards surface flow into the nose and tail to reduce weight, advance turn initiation and increase durability.
ICG Glass:  By combining carbon with the fiberglass, the board becomes lighter, smoother, and more playful.

Base: 2000 Extruded

A strong, durable and speedy base technology that is easy to tune and repair. In other words, it's got your back.

Stance Set Back: 19mm

K2 Sonic Binding:

  • Gap Eraser Hi Backs - Allows you to completely eliminate all gapping between boot and highback, highback and heelcup creating a snug union between you and your board.
  • Laid Back Forward Lean - Want less forward lean? All K2 Highbacks have reduced starting forward lean. Maximum forward lean is maintained by increased range of adjustment.
  • Power Ramp - Tool-Less Adjustment, Integrated with Full Seamless Footbed
  • Cam Lock Center Adjusting - Tool-less and secure adjustment, allows you to precisely center your straps with ease and speed.
  • EZ Feed - A wider, tapered ladder opening allows for the easiest, ease of entry.