K2 Reckoner 102 2022

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From deep pow to the park and everywhere in between, Reckoner 102 heeds the call. So whether your whipping cork threes off of cat tracks or pivoting through tight east coast trees, the Reckoner 102 will treat you right. Mash, bash, and float. Jump, bounce, and charge. It’s the ski you need. Like, actually need.   

These skis are stupid fun and really versatile. Imagine the lovechild of the Shreditor 102 and the Poacher and you're pretty much there. The shape of the ski (barring the wider waist) is very similar to the Poacher and on edge, they ski similarly. The flex is much softer than the Poacher but still stable enough to ski jumps well. There's enough rocker to float but still close to a full sidecut. I'd see these as a 70% park, 30% all-mountain jib kinda ski. I've been skiing them all summer so far and I love them for slushy conditions. For a K2 ski, they are fairly light, seem durable so far and do it all in the park comfortably. On ice, they're a bit big and floppy but otherwise, these are looking like they might be one of my all-time favorites. I could see these becoming a classic. - Twig                                   


  • DIMENSIONS (MM):  134 - 102 - 127                                                        
  • ROCKER:  All-Terrain Twin Rocker                                                                             
  • RADIUS (METERS):  19.3m @ 184                           
  • CORE:  Fir / Aspen Double Barrel