K2 Sight 88 Ski 2018

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he 2018 K2 Sight is sure to be a winner with adventerous younger skis who enjoy the versatility of being able to carve up the groomers one minute and then be hitting the park the next. The inclusion of an aspen wood core provides an exceptionally cruisy feel yet still retaining strength and durability whilst the 88mm width will allows the SIght to maintain edge hold on hard packed and cut through crud. The tip and tail hardware significantly reduces chatter and nasty rebound when you land unevenly from a jump and when combined with K2's all terrain rocker you have almost the perfect balance of playfulness and performance on your side.

All-Terrain Rocker – Designed for all ability levels, All-Terrain Rocker adds versatility and ease in all snow conditions. This profile features an elevated tip and tail for variable and soft snow performance, as well as camber underfoot for power, energy, and edgehold in firmer conditions.


Freestyle Baseline 2.0 – By designing a ski's profile (rocker and camber) to work in combination with it's overall shape (top shape and sidecut) K2's engineers are able to create skis specifically targeted for a desired type of terrain, ability level, snow condition, and even skiing style.

Forebody – Blunted round tips for a maximized sidecut with reduced weight.
Midbody – Medium waist widths from 85 to 92 mm for solid grip with a moderate sidecut for quick, medium turn shapes.
Tail – Blunted twin tips for a loose, easy release.
  • Baseline: All Terrain Rocker
  • Performance: All-Mountain: 70%, Park: 30%
  • Radius: 20m @ 179cm
  • Construction: TwinTech Sidewall - Triaxial Braided Aspen Core
  • Dimentions: 118/85/109
  • 3.5 mm Edges - Factory Team skis use thick, durable steel edges. It is far more resistant to cracking for a more durable, longer lasting.