Nordica GPX Team Children's Ski Boot

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The Nordica GPX Team is a great ski boot for the strong junior skier. The flex and cuff height are designed just for lighter weight and smaller skiers to have control and support while skiing. The Comfort Fit Junior Liner has padding and insulation to keep smaller, narrower feet supported while charging through difficult terrain. The Aluminum/Wire Buckles are micro adjustable to help get the fit dialed in just right. 

  • Comfort Fit Junior Liner
  • Micro Adjustable Buckles
  • Great for Strong Junior Skiers

Ski Boot Specifications

Ski Gear Intended Use: All Mountain
Forefoot Width: 100mm
Actual Flex: 60
Flex Adjustment: No
Buckle Count: 4
Cuff Alignment: None
Ski/Walk: No
Used: No
Skill Range:
Model Year: 2016