O'Neill Psycho Freak 3.5mm Boots

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The O'Neill Psycho Freak 3.5mm Boots are top of the line surf booties that deliver performance, durability and a stack of features. The TB2 Air Firewall Neoprene provides exceptional warmth while remaining lightweight and flexible. The split toe design adds improved balance and the arch support keeps the fatigue out of your feet so you surf better, longer.

Psycho Freak Booties are fully taped inside and out and have two compression straps for a secure fit. The upper strap eliminates water entry from flushing and water trapped inside your suit while the forefoot strap keeps your foot married to the boot for high action maneuvers. These are premium surf boots that will keep your feet warm and comfortable for many sessions to come. 

  • Technobutter 2 Air Firewall
  • External Fluid Seam Weld
  • Interior Taped Seams
  • Anti-Flush Shin Strap
  • Forefoot Cinch Velcro System
  • Deep Split Toe
  • Arch Support
  • Leash Stop Toe Guard
  • Standard U.S. Shoe Sizes