O'Neill Psycho 3 4/3 Wetsuit Yellow urethane seal

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TechnoButter  neoprene. It's 20% lighter and absorbs 30% less water.

Double Super Seam Weld . The welds are thinner, lighter and stretchier than ever. 60% thinner and lighter.

XDS Air  neoprene lined with water wicking insulation.

Z.E.N. Zip Entry the pull-over your head barrier that makes the best back-zip wetsuit.

Water and Air Ratings
Water Temperature: 52 - 65
Air Temps: 30 - 80

Best Use for the Psycho 3 4/3
Cold air and cold water. If you live in a place where you only need a 4/3 a few months of the year. this is a great choice and you'll only need one suit. O'Neill rates the water to 52, but a thermo vest and you can make it into the upper 40's. The main reason people want this suit is because it's the lightest, warmest and most flexible suit in the temperature range. Smoothskin chest and kidneys really help keep out the wind on chilly mornings.