Anon Youth Relapse Goggle (Facemask Compatible) - Iron Man

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Magnetic Connection Points

The four magnetic connection points make sealing your MFI facemask to your goggle a snap, and provides long-lasting connection on the hill.

MFI Carrier Alignment

The proprietary MFI Carrier aligns seamlessly with the goggle frame keeping vents clear and the lens fog-free. The MFI carrier comes fully assembled within the facemask and can be easily removed for garment care.

Reinforced Perforated O2 Vents

The reinforced perforated O2 vents keep you fully covered and fog-free making sure you never sacrifice clarity for comfort.


    Micro-Fiber Goggle Bag

    Protect your new goggles with a micro-fibre bag that's perfect for cleaning the lenses too.