Tecnica Cochise 110 - 2014

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The Tecnica Cochise 110 Ski Boots are carbon copies of the Cochise 120, except with slightly softer plastic for less aggressive or lighter weight riders. Like the Cochise 120, the 110 is an ultra versatile do-it-all boot that allows you to ski hard inbounds in the morning and go for a tour in the afternoon, all thanks to a combination of lightweight touring features, an excellent walk mode, and superior downhill performance.
100 mm Last - Balanced, performance last for average width feet
QuickInstep - QuickInstep is the easy way to step-in and out of a ski boot. A small piece of plastic gives the possibility to enter & exit the boot, even under cold conditions.
Hinged Instep - This feature offers better pressure distribution as well as easier entry and exit. The instep catch is on a hinge, allowing it to adjust for better pressure distribution and closure. It can pivot away from the shell which allows it to spread without interference.
I-Rebound - I-Rebound features a metal plate that attaches the cuff to the lower shell with four connection points. The I-Rebound provides flex resistance and power rebound as well as rear support.
QuadraFit - Each liner is constructed using 4 different layers, allowing various combinations of materials, densities and thicknesses to get the ideal combination of performance and comfort for every level of skier.
Shell Materials
Lightweight Triax Plastic - 20% lighter than traditional plastics, Triax offers a great lightweight solution to shell design. It offers a more consistent flex over a wider range of temperatures.
Cuff Alignment - The cuff alignment system is easy to use and effective. It aligns the cuff to follow the shape of the lower leg increasing comfort and enhancing performance. Dual cuff alignment (inside and outside devices) increases the effectiveness. Your specialty retailer can find the perfect alignment for you to enhance performance and comfort.
Power Spoiler
Ski/Walk Mode
Cuff Mobility System - The cuff design on the Side Country models allows a long range of motion for uphill mobility. An easy switch from hike to ski mode offers great versatility. A wide cuff buckle and a velcro strap with buckle combine for a super secure closure. Click into ski mode for top performance heading down the mountain. Note: To release the cuff: Pull up on the device tab. Flex forward until you hear a click to release the cuff and then move freely. To click into ski mode: Push the device down and flex forward until you hear the cuff lock into place
Power Lock Buckle - A wide cuff buckle and a velcro strap with buckle combine for a super secure closure enhancing the performance and ensuring power transfer to the ski.
3 Alu Buckles
Power Strap
45 mm Velcro Powerstrap with Powerlock Buckle
Interchangeable Soles - All Freemountain models have the ability to switch from a DIN sole to a Tech Compatible sole and vice versa. The soles are available for purchase and are easily switched out with the allen key provided.
Arch Grip Support - A rubber insert on the arch is designed to give traction while walking on rocks or riding your snowmobile.
Shock Absorbing Heel Insert - An insert in the heel of the boot absorbs impacts and vibrations for smoother skiing and softer landings.
Replaceable Heel/Toe
Additional Features
Comes with ISO Alpine soles, Tech soles available separately


  • Ability Level: Advanced-Expert
  • Ski Boot Flex: Stiff
  • Flex Index: 110
  • Forefoot Width: 100 mm
  • Alpine Touring Mode: Yes
  • Number of Buckles: 3
  • Warranty: 2 Years