Keep yourself safe on the water with our range of Floatation Vests. Whether you're Waterskiing, Wakeboarding or just mucking around on the boat, put your safety first!

How to select the right PFD (personal floatation device):

Choosing the right vest can be difficult, but all of our vests at Snow and Surf are designed to keep you on the surface of the water & protect your torso. A vest should be as snug as possible while remaining comfortable when putting on dry as it will stretch out when it gets wet.

It is important to fit your vest properly because if it is too large, any air trapped between you body and the vest can cause bruises if you take a fall. Plus if you end up in the water, you don't want your vest 3 inches off your shoulder and halfway up your face. Think of your vest as a second skin to protect you when you're out on the water having fun.