Why we do, what we do!!

 Snow and Surf was established in 1988 in the centre of Christchurch.  We have withstood cold summers, warm winters and earthquakes! We also survived the mullet first time round... and the second time round, but we are still as strong as ever! 

We have always prided ourselves on customer service and always strive to provide you with the best product for your needs. Our professional staff will sell you the perfect products that will help you ride, ski, board and surf to the best of your abilities and push you to that next level. We never want to lose that customer interaction so despite being online we are still here for you - just pick up the phone or email us!

Even with our online store we still stick by the principles that the store was founded on by supplying everyone with the best of what’s around. We are driven by the love of the sport and seeing other people enjoying them too makes us happy! All products are carefully selected for our store and we take great pride in researching and testing our product line to make sure that we can offer you the best that’s on the market.

Snow and Surf has always selected it's staff based on their passions and we can confidently say that our team rock! Everyone on-board is passionate about summer and winter sports, so much so that our team ranges from professional ski racers to the weekend enthusiasts.