Volkl Racetiger SL - 2025

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World Cup slalom legend with the most radical radius of the entire collection

The 2025 Volkl Racetiger SL comes into its own on slalom courses and on general pistes in tight bends and wherever you need lightning-fast edge changes, responsiveness, and a consistently superlative glide. The Racetiger SL features Tailored Carbon Tips. Tailor-made carbon fibres allow the ski to be adapted to exactly the things it’s going to be used for. The strength and alignment of the fibres define the force you need to apply and the energy that builds up in exactly the right places, which means agile shovel reaction with a precise response the moment you initiate a turn. The SL can be steered around the tightest bends with less power input but with no loss whatsoever in precision and control.

Its improved performance is due largely to a slightly shortened and flattened tip rocker and, most especially, a slightly modified geometry. A narrower waist delivers a much more dynamic, responsive ride with high-precision edge changes.

These features are perfectly rounded off by 3D Glass, two full layers of Titanal and our renowned multilayer wood core, as well as our R-Motion 3 GW binding. A shortened plate combined with a wider hole pattern delivers stronger, more direct power transmission and helps you switch edges quicker. The real highlight, however, is that the two rear screws are no longer fixed, allowing the binding to slide freely and the ski to move harmoniously through the entire line of the bend, giving improved edge grip without blocking.

Sidecut: 126_67_102

Length and Radius:

  • 160 cm (11.8 m)


  • Tailored Carbon Tips
  • Multilayer Woodcore
  • 3D.Glass
  • Full Titanal
  • Full Sidewall
  • Base: P-Tex 4504
  • Base structure: Zebra structure
  • Plate System: rMotion 3


  • rMotion 12 GW