ALECK X SMITH Wired Audio Kit

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The Aleck 006 was designed with premium audio quality and group connectivity in mind for those treasured moments on the slopes with your friends and loved ones. An IPX4 water resistant audio system that fits perfectly in your ski or snowboard helmet, the Aleck 006 instantly connects you and your group together and allows you to communicate via our in-app walkie-talkie function. The two 40mm titanium drivers provide unrivaled, high fidelity audio quality whether you’re communicating with your group, making phone calls, activating Siri® and Google Assistant® or getting in the zone listening to your mountain beats! The Aleck GO! mobile app provides for ultimate group connectivity with intuitive GPS location mapping whether on the mountain or at the lodge!

The Aleck GO! ™ app - Take it to the next level!

The Aleck GO! app was hand-crafted alongside the Aleck 006 to unlock the device's full potential in creating a seamless communication experience for you and your group. With its innovative functionality, intuitive user interface and sleek design, our app connects you to the ones you love, whilst doing what you love - creating lifelong memories on the slopes.


The Aleck GO! app allows you to easily create custom groups. Simply add your family and friends and you're connected with military-grade encryption.


Want to address the entire group? Go for it! We offer simple glove-friendly one-touch comms straight into the ears of your comrades. Want to speak to one of the group individually? Easy! Our app gives you the flexibility to dive in and speak to individual group members for comms that aren't meant for all ears.


Never lose a group member again. No matter how much you plan, someone always takes the wrong turn, then you're left trying to find them. Aleck provides for real-time location mapping of everyone in your group meaning you never miss that important moment with your friends and loved ones.


Time is of the essence when on the mountain. So with this in mind, a quick and simple scan of a QR code will get you into a group. No questions asked, no compromise on security.


Aleck doesn’t mess around when it comes to security. Our military grade AES-256 bit encryption keeps your conversations private and secure - like a fortress! We wouldn’t want people dropping in on you or your group’s conversations or even worse, accessing your location and contact info would we!

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