ATK Freeride Spacer - for RAIDER 13 EVO

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Experience the best of both worlds with ATK's Freeride Spacer, designed to bridge the gap between the precision of tech bindings and the performance of alpine bindings. This innovative accessory revolutionizes the downhill capabilities of tech bindings, offering enhanced stiffness and load transfer. Let's explore the key features that make ATK's Freeride Spacer a game-changer for freeride enthusiasts.

Key Features:

Improved Downhill Performance:
While tech bindings excel in their precise and stiff toe pieces, the same level of power transmission is harder to achieve in the heel parts. The Freeride Spacer addresses this disparity, reducing the gap between tech and alpine bindings. By creating a better contact point between the boot sole and the ski, the spacer enhances downhill performance, providing increased responsiveness.

The AL13 Freeride Spacer fits on: Raider 11 EVO, Raider 13 EVO, Freeraider 15 EVO, RT 8 EVO, RT 10 EVO and on the whole AP collection.

Lightweight Design:
Weighing just 29 grams, ATK's Freeride Spacer adds minimal weight to your setup, allowing you to maintain agility and freedom of movement on the slopes. This lightweight design ensures that you can push the limits of your freeride adventures without being hindered by unnecessary bulk.

Elastic Sliding Pads:
The Freeride Spacer features two elastic sliding pads that establish a solid contact between the boot sole and the ski. These pads efficiently transfer both vertical and torsional loads, ensuring optimal power transmission and control. Thanks to the ingenious design of these pads the spacer maintains proper side release values even during jumps or compressions.

Customizable Height:
To accommodate different boot models and sole thicknesses, the Freeride Spacer comes with multiple height options. This allows you to customize the spacer, ensuring a perfect fit and seamless integration with your boots.