Black Crows OCTO Skis 2024

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All Terain

Width: 87 mm


  • 168.3cm - 13.1_8.7_12.1 (Radius 13m)
  • 173.2cm - 13.1_8.7_12.2 (Radius 13m)
  • 178.0cm - 13.4_8.7_12.3 (Radius 13m)
  • 184.2cm - 13.5_8.7_12.5 (Radius 13m)

Akin to the Mirus Cor, this is a fun and charming ski, more mainstream and still naughty. It features a flat tail but keeps the swallowtail spirit, in a flamboyant and preemptory modernism. Its ambition is to rejuvenate an academic style of skiing, at the same time easy to access and different, ready to rock the resort with speed and carving.
With a short rocker in the tip and an almost flat tail, it is a ski with a classic construction and made in Austria, but it adopts a different matte top sheet, unique in the range, with an aluminum insert on the heel for more durability and a touch of style. Time is ripe.

Width: 84 mm


  • 173.4cm - 12.7_8.4_11.4 (Radius 14m)
  • 179.3cm - 13.0_8.4_11.7 (Radius 14m)