HO Womens CARBON OMNI SMALL 65" 2024 with STANCE 110 Binding

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The Carbon OMNI (Mark II) waterski is the ultimate solution for skiers who need a versatile ski that delivers high performance and responsiveness. This 2nd generation Carbon Omni’s all-around performance has been further enhanced by the addition of a modernized rockerline with dual flat spots that provide easy balance. In addition, deeper concave and larger bevels provide more stability and forgiveness. This true crossover shape combines aggressive, high-performance skiing with the efficiency necessary for open water skiing. With its exceptional all-round performance and unparalleled versatility, the Carbon OMNI waterski is the ideal choice for skiers looking to push their limits and conquer any water condition.





A waist width halfway between a traditional ski and a wideride ski provides for smooth instinctive turns at a wide range of speeds


The Clean Edge bevel-less tail produces less drag and more acceleration with less skier input.


Instinctive turns with no paralleling


Added stability in turn balanced by low drag Clean Edge tail


More tip to tail stiffness for greater acceleration and enhanced performance and higher speeds. Longitudinally stiffer for the more aggressive skier who demands more horsepower and increased response in pursuit of throwing the biggest water walls


A simple, minimal and functional design utilizing a single 5-32 hex key for micro-adjustment and fin blade clamping


      WITH STANCE 110 Front Binding and STANCE Adjustable Rear Toe

      The Stance 110 Boot was designed for skiers looking for lateral flexibility, comfort and forgiveness. The Stance 110 was built with a Split-Back Upper Cuff with Lateral Flex Zones, allowing for amazing lateral flexibility. The SBR Closed Cell Foam Liner delivers a snug yet comfy fit. The lightweight Stance 110(only 1000 grams in the size 7-11 model) includes 15 degrees of forward lean and 175mm tall cuff height. The Dual Lace Zones allow for a personalized fit with independent upper and lower cuff tightening. Made with quality, high strength 6061 Grade Aluminum Plates, no cheap plastic on this crucial ski to boot connection! With universal holes to fit virtually all ski brand insert patterns.

      - Flex Index 110 – Softer composite textile shell for comfort and forgiveness
      - Split-Back Upper Cuff with Lateral Flex Zone: Greater lateral flexibility
      - SBR Closed Cell Foam Liner: Rubber boot feel with an exact but comfortable fit
      - 175mm tall cuff height
      - 15 degrees of forward lean
      - Dual Lace Zones: low drag bungee upper, static lower for precision control
      - High Strength 6061 Grade Aluminum Plate