Hyperlite Shuttle Foilboard Set with Booster 130 Foil Kit - 2024

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Jump into the exhilarating Foil game with the Shuttle, a Shaun Murray user friendly board and wing shape designed to make your foil experience easy from the get go. The Shuttle wing assembly offers a stable platform to learn and advance on, provides plenty of lift and maneuverability and can be shared amongst friends of all ability levels. The Shuttle is Compression Molded for long lasting life and durability with a concave top deck for quicker edge to edge transitions. Machined EVA Traction deliver a solid grip and the Shuttle comes with adjustable foot straps if you prefer to ride strapped in or need the added security while first learning. Rest assured, with Shaun Murray's endorsement you know the Shuttle will get you into the wave for an awesome experience.


  • “Easy To” Foil Shape and Wing
  • Compression Molded
  • Concave Top Deck
  • Dual Displacement Edge Profile
  • Machined EVA
  • Adjustable Foot Strap Interface
  • Shaper: Aaron Stumpf


  • Shuttle Board
  • Booster 1300 Foil Assembly o 6061T Aluminum Construction o Beginner Friendly Stable Wing Design BOOSTER 1300 FOIL ASSEMBLY Entry Level Foil Assembly with Aluminum Parts The Booster 1300 is an all-ability level aluminum Foil Assembly geared for beginner and intermediate foil enthusiasts. Front wing measures at 1328.6 cm2 and the rear wing lands at 227 cm2. The fuselage and mast are constructed with high quality 60/61T Aluminum, fuselage is 60.3 cm in length and the mast has a depth of 28.52”. The Booster 1300 utilizes M8 hardware throughout and will pair with any foil board on the market today.


  • 6061T Aluminum Construction
  • Beginner Friendly Stable Wing Design
  • Front Wing - Fiberglass / Foam Core o Wingspan: 72.6 cm (28.57”) o Wing Chord: 18.3 cm (7.2”) o Wing Area: 1328.6 sq cm (205.9 sq inch) o Aspect Ratio: 4:1 o Wing Angle: 0.6 Degrees
  • Rear Wing – Injected Molded Plastic o Wingspan: 34.1 cm (13.43”) o Wing Chord: 9.1 cm (3.58”) o Wing Area: 227 sq cm (35.2 sq inch) o Aspect Ratio: 5.1:1 o Wing Angle: -2.5 Degrees
  • Mast – Aluminum Extrusion 6061T o Height: 72.5 cm (28.52”) o Chord: 13.3 cm (5.24”) • Fuselage – Machine Aluminum 6061T o Length: 60.3 cm (23.75”)
  • Fasteners – M8