JetPilot Venture Key Lock

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Jet Pilot's Venture Key Lock keeps your keys secure while you're out doing what you love. The tricky thing about watersports can be where you keep your keys while you're out on the water. You can choose to run the gauntlet and take them out with you, but no-one wants to see their keys get lost in the drink. If you keep them on land, no matter the spot, you're always vulnerable to theft. The last thing you need when you get out of the water is for your keys, or even car, to be gone. 

But with this simple padlock design, you can easily lock away your keys. The key lock has a sturdy steel case with ample room to tuck away your keys. Just set your dial code and you're good to go. 

Jet Pilot Venture Key Lock Features:

  • Easy Operation: Just a simple 4-digit dial code locking mechanism.
  • Durable Casing: Made from hardened steel, once locked, your keys aren't going anywhere.
  • Large storage volume: Plenty of room to keep most types of keys.