Ride MANIC 2021 with LX Binding

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 A Quadratic Sidecut improves turn initiation/exit and edge grip. Slimewalls® provide a smooth ride and increased durability. Linear Carbon is positioned below the core for snap and ollie power without added stiffness. The softer flex of the Manic makes it a solid all-mountain board for beginner to intermediate riders.

DESIGN: Directional Hybrid Rocker

SPECIALTY: Groomers / Pow



  • Directional Hybrid Rocker

  • Quadratic Sidecut

  • Extruded, Stone Ground Base

  • Foundation™ Core

  • Slimewalls®

  • Linear Carbon

  • Single Impact Plates

  • Biaxial Glass

  • Roll-In Construction

Ride LX Binding:

Asymmetrical Stitched Ankle Strap is made from multi-density 3D padding and formed EVA. The injected polycarbonate Spectrum™ Chassis is lightweight and features a stance correct heel cup. Nylon Highback provides a mix of response and comfort. AstroGlyde™ CP Ratchets are built for durable performance. The LX is designed for beginner to intermediate riders looking to progress to the next level of snowboarding.